Download a free trial demo and experience the Power of the programs before you decide to buy, the limitation is allowing you to enter 20 members/customers.

File size : approx 6.0MB

File size : approx 6.0MB

File size :approx. 3.0MB

File size :approx. 3.0MB

File size :approx. 3.0MB

File size : approx. 3.0MB

File size : approx. 4.0MB


1) Download the DEMO file directly to your hard drive by clicking on the above link.

2) Choose SAVE button to save the DEMO file to hard disk, then specify (and remember) the location that it will be download to, or you may directly install the DEMO program by choosing EXECUTE button, and skip the step 3 , 4, 5)

3) Do not change the domo file name, click on the SAVE button in the dialog window.

4) The program will begin to download to you, this may take few minutes depending on your connection speed.

5) Find the DEMO file (e.g. memdemo.exe) on your disk (remember where you specified?) double click on the DEMO file.

6) The DEMO file will start to install the program . Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation. The program will be installed in the specified folder (e.g. c:\Msmember )in default. It is not recommended to change the folder name while you install the program.

7) After installation completed, you may find the program short cut in the desktop or Start menu---> Programs afterwards, click the shortcut to launch the program. It has no login security in Demo version,

8) You may choose or not to launch the operation manual while the last step of installation, the user operation manual is available in the program working folder (e.g. c:\Msmember). You may find very powerful features in the program, even you may navigate the program without any instruction from this manual, as the program design is user friendly and easy to use.

9) The DEMO program is a fully functioning version with the limitation of only allowing you to enter 20 members/customers. This allows you to experience all of the features of the program before you decide to buy.

10)The Demo program includes in its initial installation a sample data set consisting of numerous sample data records. This sample data set provides new users the immediate ability to "play" with the application. You may either modify the sample data records with actual (real) data (for example, change the name, address, phone#'s, etc or you may delete the sample data records and start your "real" data entry with new records.


If you have problems with this download, please contact us by this email address:








Ms Member Demo Ver.會員資料管理系統中文示範版

Ms Member Demo English Ver 會員資料管理系統英文示範版

Ms Course Demo Ver. 課程報名系統示範版

Ms Donate Demo Ver. 收費系統示範版

Ms Library Demo Ver. 圖書館管理系統示範版

Ms Course Demo Church Ver. 課程報名系統示範版 (教會版)

Ms POS Demo Ver. 零售及批發系統示範版










歡迎試用Ms Membership Suite示範版,請按以下步驟安裝:

1.按以上一項連結下載示範檔案, 並儲存至資料夾內,其大小約3-6MB,寬頻連線約需30秒。

2.開啟(雙擊) 已下載之檔案 memdemo.exe或其它附屬系統如 mscousedemo.exe, 按畫面指示安裝於硬碟內。過程祇需約三分鐘。

3.預設安裝系統於資料夾內, 建議安裝至預設之資料夾 (e.g. C:\MsMemberdemo )

4.於安裝之最後步驟,可選擇立即打開用戶手冊或開啟此Ms Membership 系統。

5. 其後可單擊位於視窗之 開始--->所有程式 內或於桌面之MsMember 或 Ms Course捷徑圖示) 。




Click on the above link to receive a fully functional trial copy of DEMO program. Save the file into a folder and then double click to open it once it is downloaded. Following the instruction on the screen to install.. For more instructions as below: