Ms Membership Suite a powerful 32-bit membership management software application for Microsoft Windows. It manages the membership records in a very easy way. It is an excellent tool for churches, clubs, associations, businesses firms, schools, education centers, and non-profit organizations etc.

Ms Membership Suite is sold in modules to allow you to get and pay for only the functions you need. Ms Membership is one of the main modules in Ms Membership Suite, It has many powerful features for quickly and easily recording a wide variety of personal information about your members, visitors, or prospects in your organization or church. Reminder is the useful function for you to pay more personal caring to the congregation. Tracking of the participation, course training, visitation and activities attendance to produce summary reports for the board or management team to analysis the status of the members in your congregation. Password access protection restricts the individual to login the system without authority.

Ms Course, Ms Donation, Ms Administration, Ms Caring are the also outstanding modules in Ms Membership Suite, User gained much more benifits after purchasing these modules, it would truly be a "helpmate" for your ministry, thus allowing you to spend more time ministering to your congregation and to help you and your organization be as effective and efficient as possible.


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¡´User friendly

¡´Easy to operate

¡´Support photos and barcode

¡´Online update records

¡´Quick Search

¡´Networkable for Multi users

¡´Affordable price

¡´Much more features...............

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