Ms Membership Suite

Welcome to Ms Membership Suite, a powerful 32-bit membership management software application for Microsoft Windows. It manages the membership records in a very easy way. It is an excellent tool for churches, clubs, associations, schools, education centers, commercial firms and non-profit organizations. Use this tool to maintain Member's personal informations, participations, important events date, training , talents, photos, documents, as well as Mailing Labels, Mailing Groups, Activities Attendance, Training Course enrolment, and Contribution, all integrated to work as one.

Users find Ms Membership Suite easy to operate, user friendly, flexible, online update, quick to retreive data and more.................. We are hoping that Ms Membership Suite will truly be a "helpmate" for your ministry, thus allowing you to spend more time ministering to your congregation and to help you and your organization be as effective and efficient as possible. For more details please