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Ms Membership has many powerful features for quickly and easily recording a wide variety of information about member's personal information include: contacts, family members, cell groups, talents, participatian, traing, events,mailing groups and tracking activities attendance, visitation and schedules.

กดWhether your members are individuals, companies, organizations or a mix of all of these, MsCMS will work for you, it provides sufficient fields to store the information.

กดAllow unlimited records stored, include membership, phone numbers (home, office, fax), date of events (birthday, wedding, graduation, baptism), talents (computer, singing, serving, and visiting), activities involved (fellowship, worship, committee meeting) in your organization.

กดKeep track of person's participation, training and activities attendance etc. in your organization.

กดRecord visitation, and tasks planning details in your organization, reminder function is available.

กดMultiple pages to view personal information, contacts, visitation, attendance etc.

กดClassify members into different types of individual, school, church, or organization.

กดEasy to associate group of names, not just spouses, relatives or children of the member in the family record.

กดPlace people into cell groups or fellowships.

กดFlexible to maintain and retrieve the members they are having multiple posts of a group leader and choir member at the same time.

กดProvide 20 User defined fields to suit various users requirement.

กดSupport storing member photo in JPG or BMP formats.

กดSupport barcode reader to read and printed out in the member's name card/tag.

กดEasy to clone a similar member record for the same family members, it saves a great time and energy.

กดIntegrate with Phone dialer, Outlook Express, and Internet Explorer.

กดPlace directory in numbers of groups of Country, Area/State, and District/City.

กดReminder window appeared on the date reached, such as anniversary, birthday and expiry date of member card etc.

กดStamp date and time in the free form notes.

กดStore member relative document or image files, it could easily be opened or run with the associated program by one click.

กดProvide customer on line help, it could be created and edited by users themselves.

กดProvide much more powerful ways easily to retrieve member information by one click or few steps.

กดProvide a couple of tens ready to use reports to print the data that has been entered into the program, e.g. directories, mailing labels, members profiles and statistic reports. Most of the reports and labels Pre-viewed before print, Zoom view and Select page to view.

กดTrack and plan visitations, appointments or To-do tasks about prospects or members.

กดAutomatically remind users what tasks need to be completed or followed before, during, or after an event.

กดAssociate the members or various groups, or committees to the specified mailing list to suit the mailing system of your organization,

กดAllows you to track attendance at Sunday Service, activities, ministries, committees, fellowship or director board meetings that are conducted at your church or organization,

กดIndicate those participants status of present , absence, vacation, or sick in those activities,

กดPassword protect access